Information about the configuration test

Attention: This test does not replace a medical examination. It is NOT intended to prevent, treat, cure, alleviate or diagnose disease! Moreover, it is not suitable for altering anatomical functions or structures of the human body.

Test requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Big screen (min. 15 inches)
  • No head and eye movement
  • Concentration range of min. 2 minutes

Test instruction:

  1. Sit in a distance of approx. 12 inches  in the middle of the screen.
  2. Fix your head (e.g. with one hand),so it will not move.
  3. Fixate the center of the screen with your eyes.
  4. The test takes about 2 minutes

Advantages of the test:

  1. Fast execution
  2. Simple operation (incl. pre-test)
  3. Different modes: Simple or detailed
  4. Results are easily shared
  5. Free of charge

Pictures of the test:

Test instruction:
Test instruction


Evaluation 1:
Evaluation 1

Evaluation 2:
Evaluation 2

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